About Us

That’s us: Richard, Devon, Niki and Keri. We’ve had the fortunate opportunity to engage in a profession we love, education, and this has been a means for us to travel and work in some very interesting areas. Our children, Devon and Keri, were born in South Africa, emigrated to New Zealand, spent 4 years in the Philippines and a good more than that in China. Keri completed her Primary Education degree in Australia, is currently doing a post-grad Early Years degree, and is in Christchurch, New Zealand. Devon is currently studying education in Bendigo (Where???). As a family, and on teacher’s budgets, we’ve cycled from Lhasa to Khathmandu via Everest Base Camp, dived in Kho Tao, skied in Harbin, surfed in Byron Bay.

After 30 odd years Niki and I are feeling like it’s time to take a new look at things. Our parents have passed away these last few years, and that certainly moves the discussion of a theoretical timespan of life to something a little more concrete. There is a growing certainty that we are not getting younger (why is this a surprise?) and that we have the means to do something a little different. In this we have been inspired by friends who took time off to travel with family, and family who took time off to travel to make new friends. After a long time in school administration, I’ve felt worn thin by the daily grind. As a fellow administrator said: “Do you ever feel that, no matter what, it’s never enough?” Certainly!

So, we’ve purchased a campervan, a <6m Burstner Ixeo Time, and will be on the road July 2, 2018. Plans are limited, mostly because we are quite keen to see just how things work out. In broad terms, Norway in summer, Morocco in winter, and stuff in-between. The purpose of the blog is to stay in touch with family and friends, share the (mis)adventures and learning curves, and give this a good go. I'm hoping to pick up a few weeks of school improvement work in the Middle East, and will do a few international school accreditation visits, but none of that is yet guaranteed. Meantime, we'll watch the budget, stay on the lookout for free camping spots, change to box wine, eat less meat, stop buying stuff … Actually, sounds like a plan for life!

One other thing. My family laugh at me for doing week's worth of research before buying a pair of shoes. They're right. Imagine the research that went into letting go! So, in researching the possibilities for a change in life, a very sincere 'Thank You' to all those who have documented their travels, warts and all – and to family and friends who have been so supportive.