I would love to say that ‘We have a plan to see …’, but this would be horribly optimistic. What we do have is the intent to get out and see a few countries in this next year, hopefully with the time (and resources) to do so in some detail. We have to get to the UK for some last-minute outfitting, including a Gaslow system, solar panel and additional leisure battery. Outfitting in Switzerland is terribly expensive, with the gas system, as an example, costing around three times as much as the Gaslow system. ‘Ah’, I hear you say, ‘But that’s Swiss quality for you.’ Hmm!

Following the UK, and a quick visit to family and friends, it’s off to Norway for a lengthy period before we work our way down to Morocco for spring. Why Morocco? What a lovely position to be in, to reply ‘Why not?’ In between, we have no idea at all as to where next. One thing our short trips to France has shown is that there is plenty to do in every place worth a stop. We spent three days in Annecy, France, but could happily have spent a week there. I suspect this will be the same in many other places.

So, click on the drop down to see in which countries we are spending some time, and we’ll build the road trip as we go.