… And They’re Off!

Delivery service

What a week it’s been, and we are certainly both feeling the effects of carrying what seems to be tons of stuff down three flights of stairs, trying to keep goods going to New Zealand separate from stuff going to France separate from stuff going to the Van. I haven’t looked too closely, but there’s a good chance that we’ve got toasters and coffee makers in the Van, and snorkels going to France … and the occasional music instrument (What is a Euphonium?)


Staufen Town Square

The drive up has been great – excellent roads and less than 200km. We are staying with Niki’s niece and family in Staufen – lovely little town which just oozes character – and people. My navigator (Niki, not the GPS) guided me up a narrow road, which became, hmm, less wide, and then turned into a cobble footpath that led into the town square. The sight was gorgeous – tents, stalls, cars and pedestrians everywhere. Welcome to Germany’s Saturday morning markets. Clearly not able to pass around the circle in the town square, and having a very kind gentleman move his car, we returned to our New Zealand heritage and proceeded around the left side of the circle. Fortunately the Van’s mirror was lower than tent rooftop, allowing for access. Not so lucky for the bicycle, clearly parked illegally next to the circle … Clearly, at some stage, we are going to have to learn what all these new signs mean. Perhaps time to buy the navigator that dictionary?

We’ll see more of these, I’m sure

Lovely evening spent with the family – Thanks Susi, Marian and family.







2 thoughts on “… And They’re Off!

  1. Dave k June 30, 2018 / 7:22 pm

    Safe travels….glad you didn’t break down on the first day…


    • ricklongboard July 2, 2018 / 9:52 am

      Thanks Dave – getting caught on Market Day trying to go through little German towns came close!


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