Cooking in England

Niki and I have now had about about 6 weeks in the UK for our Lands End to John O’Groats cycle trip, and now on our tour. In all that time we’ve had about 20 minutes of light drizzle, just off . Other than that we’ve had blue skies and temperatures that would sizzle a lamb roast!

We had another slow day on the road driving down to Blue Anchor, but then were lucky to find two pub stays a couple on hundred meters from each other. The weather just kept getting better, encouraging us to get the bikes out on Saturday morning. Had a beautiful 15 minute cycle before hitting the road to Dunster, which looked positively life-threatening! Turned around, parked the bikes and took off on foot to Minehead. So, not too much walking over the past 10 years, resulting in sore feet, sunburn, and a glimpse of Butlins close up. Hmm, British seaside culture may take some adapting on our part.

Made up for it today, leaving the Smugglers Inn in Blue Anchor, and took some time off at Dunster Castle and surrounds – what a lovely morning. Delightful village, great morning tea with scones (too large to finish) and the quaintest of colleges. Our friend Angie (perennial  hippy/craftsperson, bridal gown designer and artist) would be right at home here – Angie, choose a cottage and we’ll negotiate on your behalf.

Currently on site in Taunton, looking forward to getting the van set up with gas and solar power, setting us free from the need for any campsites in the future. Let’s see how that goes and I’ll update in the near future.

Some photos to follow – depending on internet!!

And Angela … hang in there!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Cooking in England

  1. Dave Kelso July 9, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    Looks great. Nothing wrong with Butlins at Minehead – took grade 9 there for a day trip with my last school! Teachers stayed in the bar the whole time…..


    • ricklongboard July 9, 2018 / 7:41 pm

      Ha Ha, I’m so happy to hear that the future leaders of Great Britain were in capable hands – might explain a number of couple predicaments.


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