The Musicians of Bremen

Bremen – well worth a return visit. After the chaos of the missing campsite we had a few hours in the old town, and caught up with characters from Niki’s youth, the Musicians of Bremen. The town itself was very relaxed, and the perfect place to spend some time wandering around, and rehydrating.

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Growing ever more confident in our GPS we prepared to leave Bremen after taking on water. Our solar panel seems to be working a charm, and we’ve not had to hook-up yet. Water usage is a little more of a worry, and I’m going to need to reassess my two showers a day!

Just then, of course, the GPS spits the dummy and refuses to give any directions. Off to the nearest campervan dealers in Bremen (with the largest number of vans I’ve seen on a single lot) at  Soma Caravan Centre Bremen. The reason for  naming them is that they helped us out immediately, at no cost, and with the most welcome of smiles. Thanks guys!

Off to Denmark and our next stop in Krusa  after a big shop in Flensburg, trying to stock up a bit for the enormously expensive Norway. Managed to pack most of the stuff away, including 12 litres of wine…



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