Akersberga, Sweden

What a great day in Akersberga, Sweden. We met up with the Marklunds and had one of those great summer days: Picnic at the beach, great cycle around the lakes, a fantastic dinner, a belly-load of laughs, and all of that after a very easy day’s drive up. Even the Navi (almost) behaved. Thanks to Jan, Suzi and Frida – sorry we missed you, Oscar.

Following a terrace breakfast we headed up north…again. Great roads, very easy driving, and apart from one directional error (which allowed us to see Härnösand in detail) we arrived at our campsite for the evening, right at the Marina. Actually, we’re not quite sure as we are the only campers parked in an area parked ‘specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten’ and another sign saying ‘Förhyda platser’. I’m assuming this to mean that all friends of Sweden are welcomed to this parking area. There’s even a pole in front of the van with electric sockets, which we’ll try out in a little while. Great place to park and, as we are right at the water’s edge, there’s a bit of a breeze and the temperature will be down around 24C rather than the 33C we had on the drive up. So much for the ‘head north for cooler weather’ theory. Looking forward to a glass of wine on duckwalk in an hour or two, and then dinner. This might be the first day we have had the time to settle in early and watch an episode of recorded TV series – haven’t missed it at all.


Our overnight stop today is at the delightful bay at Jävre, camped on our own on one side of the road under lovely trees, but a little close to traffic noise. The other side, no less noisy, is packed with campervans, and we’re looking for a more camper-free evening. Had a swim in suspiciously warm water and am now drying off while the last of our first 500g coffee stash comes to the boil.

Trying to keep track of exchange rates has, as always, been interesting. We’ve decided to go big and we’ve bought a whole smoked trout from a rökeri across the road. With leftover potato salad, fresh bread and a salad, plus the first of our cartons of wine, we should be in good shape for tomorrow’s drive. Assuming the fish is truly smoked … Anyway, what we thought was a €7 fish turned out to be €12, but still looking good!

We’ve missed every opportunity that presented for one warning sign on the road – will try to catch this at some stage, BUT – clearly you are heading north when yield to snowmobile signs become common. Probably a good idea that we plan to be out in autumn.


Enjoy the photos.

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