Eggum Beach

We are currently camped at Eggum Beach on the northerly coast of the Lofoten Islands. We were expecting beautiful, but this is even better. Even the (short) drive up was relatively easy, given that the very narrow roads certainly slowed everyone down to around my speed, and allowed us all to make use of the wider passing bays. Also – no trucks!

We stopped at the Viking Museum in Borg on the way up, given that it was a nice day and the forecast was for rain in the coming days. The museum and artefact area were interesting, albeit a little underwhelming. I thought that for a €20 (each) entry fee we would be entitle to half a roast boar, mead, and perhaps a little dessert. Instead we got to see a replica iron forge (interesting), try our hand at archery (hard), see a replica Viking boat (at a distance), and then visit a somewhat sparsely furnished replica longhouse. Clearly inflation has limited the usual range of delights on offer. Also, Norwegian minimum wage must be higher than in the UK, given that the smithy, archer and other Vikings were recent imports. Hmmm, England looking forward to repaying Danelaw – what opportunities offered by Brexit!

We awoke to a morning of rain – our first day of extended rainfall in almost 5 weeks on the road. The lower temperatures encouraged us to don raincoats and take a short walk to the small hydro station, and gave us outstanding views of the glaciated landscape, including moraines that were in very good condition. We will be staying here 2 nights, particularly as it’s been very quiet and relaxing – apart from Niki insisting on a couple of photos at midnight! This is a great place to see the midnight sun, and we are only a week late in seeing this. Sun (sort of) set on our right, then rose again on our left an hour later – probably could do with a short course on latitude, time, and associated phenomena.


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