Oppdal and a run down South

A little gripe to begin … DO NOT use melamine cups that come with the lightweight camping tableware for tea or coffee! Last night Niki had just said … “We’ve only got two cups left” when Crack! There goes cup 3, leaking coffee all over the kitchen – again. I’m reduced to using a folding cup that still gives off soup aromas from last year’s cycle trip.


We are currently overnighting in a parking area (No Camping) next to the E6 climbing out the mountain pass from Oppdal towards Dombås. We’ve taken advantage of a great weather forecast – which has proven entirely accurate – to spend the day on a musk ox safari. So, sore feet (not really used to walking this much), but feeling really good relaxed out in the sunshine, particularly as the forecast is for more rain tomorrow. The temperature came down to 0° last night – not being Norwegian I’m going to assume that summer is now ending …


We’ve rushed a little across Norway’s boring middle bit, from Mo I Rana past Trondheim to Oppdal, which is situated in Norway’s hilly bits – the highest mountains are in this region, although not as dramatically vertical as the areas both north and south of here. We were very keen on seeing musk oxen, introduced to this region in 1947, after some less successful previous attempts. There are over 230 here now, and their survival seems assured, as evidenced by the need to cull, and the guide selling musk ox fried sausage! Great day out, very knowledgeable young guide, great group, sunshine, mountains – what’s not to like.

Oh, and then there were the musk oxen …

At the end of the tour everyone else took off. We looked around, decided we had nowhere important to go, and so we’ve settled in for the night. This is at least partly my recognition of a very grumpy navigator who voiced her displeasure of spending 2 full days on the road and wondered where we were rushing to. Good question, no answer, so we’ll enjoy Nachos with pulled pork, salsa and the trimmings in a truly delightful setting. Coming up – some interesting roads and nervous driving as we approach Geirangerfjord, Trollstigen and Dalsnibba.

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