Norway’s Riviera

Sort of, but as explained to us today by a local in a kayak, we are nearing the end of autumn … hmmm, so when the sun moves behind a cloud and temperatures drop 8 degrees, we were warned.

Sunset over Lillesand

We are moving around the southernmost bit of Norway, taking our time and getting off the main road so that we can see the smaller coastal towns. What a good move! It’s been so interesting, and today, with the weather playing along, we took a 60km cycle along two fjords (they really do abound) outside Risør. The town itself seems to consist of more marinas than houses, more boats than people, but a gorgeous place to enjoy an ice cream after a cycle. At one stage one of the 4 largest boatbuilders in Norway – the traditions clearly live on.

We stayed overnight outside Risør – Navigator on top form, finding us this spot:

Next up is a visit to Kragerø and another coastal peep before we start heading north to Oslo. The plan now is to drop in early to the Fiat workshop and see if they can fix our poor bruised van before we head off to the UK – leaving the van behind. I’ve got a week long accreditation visit to a school in London, Niki gets to see Chris & John in Windsor. Norway is drifting to a close …

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