Netherlands: Giethoorn

Complete Dutch experience (woops! no clogs!!)

We know we are in the Netherlands because we are surrounded by cows, canals and bicycles!






We crossed into the Netherlands from Germany after a very winding route – GPS is great, mostly. Crossing the border we soon had to navigate the Hondsrug (Dog’s Back) mountains. They must be mountains because they have a name, no? This was an early indication of the coming terrain.

Hondsrug mountain range in N Netherlands .. I know, I know!

Currently we are parked a very scenic marina / waterway / canal place – great services, flocks of migrating geese etc etc. We are a 5 minute walk from Giethoorn, and absolutely delightful residential area. From Niki: The area was inhabited in the 10thC by a community with large goat herds. A sudden flood resulted in these herds being wiped out. Years later, when founding a new settlement, masses of goats horns were dug up – hence giet=goat hoorn=horn.


I can only imagine what a bun fight this place must be in summer, given the number of visitors on a cool Sunday afternoon in October. Every second canal seems to have a boat rental service in operation, there are long barges belonging to operators and restaurants, and the foot traffic forces halts at the numerous bridges. Even so, this was a delightful stop. The high, arched bridges were built to allow barges of hay to be transported along the waterways. I had never really considered farm + barn + canal before!

Giethoorn traffic jam
Can you imagine summer?

One of the shops we visited had a huge selection of semi-precious stones and artworks, as well as a large number of fossils. Our family will understand that we spent a long time admiring the works, as well as the range of polished and unpolished materials, and at very good prices too (I think?)

It’s another slow morning as we have a breakfast in the sun. Temperatures are up, sun is out, no wind at all – what’s not to like? With some luck we’ll get a load of washing done before heading off to our next stop at Naarden, apparently the best preserved star fort town in Europe …

Retirement home for Chris & John – we continue our search!

One thought on “Netherlands: Giethoorn

  1. LS October 22, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Is there time to discover your family roots in Hoorn and/or Amsterdam ?


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