A wonderful and stress free day spent travelling under a blue sky, no wind, great roads (albeit very busy), with fantastic views of the approaching Austrian Alps – enjoyed more by the Navigator than me. Hmmm, trying to overtake slower trucks (yes, there are slower vehicles on the road, Devon) while keeping an eye on the rearview mirror for cars coming up behind at 200km/h does make for a need to keep focused. In any case, passing by beautiful scenery, all while the GPS was actually positively engaged , made for a change from some previous days.



Not much time to do anything else today as we had a pretty late start. Ahhh – I really do enjoy lying in bed as the traffic builds after 5:00am 🙂 We are currently parked in a municipal parking lot behind Salzburg’s sport arena and next to a supermarket. Free Wi-Fi in the town! Honestly, why can’t everyone get this right (here’s looking at you, Taunton!) This will make life so much easier tomorrow when Niki has (another) Skype interview with her new school as they have encouraged her to apply for a team leadership position. This gives her a morning to get her head back into the classroom, lunchtime interview, and then we’ll take a slow walk into the old town 3km away. Really looking forward to visiting the salt mines – If you have an opportunity to read Salt by Mark Kurlansky it will make you want to visit every salt production area possible.

IMG_5425.JPGSo, settling in for the evening, Nachos on the menu together with more wine – eventually have to die from something – and then settling in to watch one of the many downloaded series we haven’t gotten round to watching. Oh, and hoping the Austrians don’t arrive at shopping malls too early in the morning. However, at €2.50 for 24 hours we will not be complaining!IMG_5427.JPG

2 thoughts on “Austria!!

  1. Dave Kelso March 12, 2019 / 6:02 pm

    I think you are enjoying yourself too much. Good to see you both on the road again


    • ricklongboard March 14, 2019 / 7:20 pm

      Getting back to work after this year could be tough … might just not do it!


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