Gargano Promontory

A longer (nowadays) drive down the East coast brought us to the Gargano Promontory – this is the spur jutting out into the Adriatic, about 150km North of Bari. Really glad to be here in the off season as the roads are something …

We’ve had two days at the old town of Rodi Garganico, comfortably camped at the marina at the foot of the old town – until asked to move today, but very politely done. Moved all of 50 meters to a level spot with the beach stretching out in front of us. An older guy approached us a while ago to inform us that overnighting was €10, but I had a bit of a giggle and told him, in my best Italian, You’re taking a chance, Mate. Price duly came down to €5, then €3, but I think you lose your authority when you have no authority and then negotiate downwards. In any case, at this stage it’s free …

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The town itself requires a walk up steep streets, but again, as we are the only ones here, we took our time, were suitably impressed at why someone would actually build like this, and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Today saw us up at the crack of dawn and an energetic early start – well, could have been, but Niki dawdled again. Still, a great cycle along the coast towards Peschici, again built on a cliff side. Taking the bikes around town was definitely a wise move, and we got to see all sorts of interesting things as we were, again, quite obviously lost! In these hillside towns, though, gravity is a powerful indicator, and it’s not long before we are seated and having the best croissant ever, overlooking a beautifully blue Adriatic.

Home, on the Adriatic Coast

The wind has come up a bit since we returned, and there’s a chance of rain – Oh, so glad it’s not a tent!

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