Cheddar – Gorge & All

A little sweaty and tired after doing the round walk of Cheddar Gorge. Lovely walk, but in what is now becoming standard UK heatwave conditions…

A lovely change from yesterday though. Some context: I’m a bit of a Stephen King fan. I know, popular fiction and all that, and I can see some noses going up in the air. As an English Lit Major, I’m immune 🙂 We spent the better part of the day in Burnham on Sea as our wifi system was upgraded – more on that later. Anyway, as King readers will know, Castle Rock seems to breed some interesting characters, and Burnham seemed to present the same opportunities. I have never seen so many people on canes, crutches, or in wheelchairs – and no, these were clearly not athletes, unless the Tattoo Olympics was in town. We took a walk along the main road, one up from the beach front which, if you come from a coastal town, should have got the radar going. Wall to Wall plastic, cheap eateries, meal calories counted in the 10,000’s… you get the picture. Then, as (clearly) foreign travellers, we pictured a seafront that had, well, sea. Not.

Burham beachfront
Burnham beachfront … Awaiting Neptune’s Arrival

We’ve had a very nice evening at a pub stop in Cheddar, and have extended that over 2 nights.  The walk through the Gorge was amazing! Firstly, no view of the Gorge itself, but a lovely path that went up through forest, then down over more open terrain. Helpful signboards made clear just how unique the area is, and 10/10 to all those involved in the conservation efforts. Doing the walk in the wrong-way-round also saved us entry fees (why would you charge an entry fee!!) and got us down into the Gorge which was overrun with more tat, but, to be fair, as expected. It did give me a sense of achievement reflecting on cycling up here with Niki a couple of years ago while doing Lands End to John ‘O Groats.. until .. I was looking at the cave at the start of the climb, remembering having stopped there to get my Garmin sorted out. Actually, I was just knackered, and needed some breathing time before taking on a long, steep climb! To watch cyclists coming by, at pace, and at all ages, was just lovely. Good on them. One of the old guys with us, 70+ at least (apologies to all those in that age group, or feeling like they are in that age group) flew up this climb, to my chagrin, but when we spoke later it turned out he was a cycle instructor and doing over 4000 km a month! Put me in my place for sure.

Navigator is currently looking for a new site for Thursday night, heavily determined by where we can empty the loo. Ah well, every day will bring it’s challenges.

3 thoughts on “Cheddar – Gorge & All

  1. Bini Quin July 13, 2018 / 2:29 pm

    Loving all the good reads and photos♡


    • ricklongboard July 14, 2018 / 10:06 am

      Hi Bini – I’d love to say it’s the reads that get you coming back, but I’m sure it’s just those long winter evenings 🙂


  2. Derek July 23, 2018 / 10:04 am

    Burnham on Sea certainly bred some interesting. My Mum was born there!


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