Heading North

I’m in no way critical of our journey’s Navigator (capped ‘N’, did you notice?) when I say we see some interesting things, not necessarily those that were intended. Leaving the delightful Cheddar we took a detour to Wells, specifically to see Wells Cathedral, that structure which elevates a town to a city. Had a lovely time in an impressive structure:


However, turned out to be St Cuthberts rather than the cathedral, and, with the day progressing and traffic obviously going to be a challenge (again), we headed off. Interesting to note the restoration of iconography found as filling behind some walls, the result of ongoing religious conflicts through the Reformation, details here.

Arrived at Lotmead pick your own farm yesterday for a lovely overnight. We may have been in some crowded carparks so far, but check this out:

Had a couple of long chats to the farm manager. Boy, if ever one feels you work hard, just spend time with a farmer! Add to this daily grind is having to deal with people who simply don’t get ‘it’. Biggest complaint about the job? not the long hours, the weather worries, the immense amounts of cash outlay in anticipation of good crops … Nope, it’s dealing with people who take it as their right to eat as much as they can without payment, kids tearing up the irrigation pipes … What should be an idyllic job made less so by dealing with downright stupid behaviours. Hmmm, what other jobs come with that? I bet your’s do too 🙂

Currently at a lovely pub in Cheltenham that’s provided fresh water, dumping facilities for our grey water, great cider, AND electricity! Absolutely spoilt! Will look to use the Cosori (pressure cooker) for a chicken & sweet potato curry for tonight and ensure the Navigator’s blood sugar is up for tomorrow’s 20km drive 🙂

And for those who continue to scoff at my observation of British Mediterranean conditions, take a look at soil conditions in Gloucestershire:

With a bit of luck, the dropped pins are working on MyMaps with Google. I’m hoping to have each night recorded with a photo & GPS. Let’s see how that goes.

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