Last Day in Sunny England


What a great two days as we’ve travelled from Cheltenham to Juan’s birthday do in the Cotswolds, and today to Chris & John in Windsor. Coming to an end of our short stay in England. Must say, again, this has been the most consistently outstanding weather we’ve had … ever? I now understand why all those great outdoor sports – tennis, cricket etc, that rely on consecutive days of great weather were developed here. Hmmm – for South Africans: Remember the Gillette Cricket ads that had a jingle that included the lines: ‘In England, summer is a break in the rain.’

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We had a lovely day with Juan, Kath, Seb and Sophia, together with their friends and family, including quite easily the least organised (most over-directed?) game of softball in human history, mercifully ended when the sun set and common sense dictated that rehydration was, again, necessary. Happy 50th Juan. Great too to catch up with Bob, Debbie, and the boys.

A leisurely drive saw us get to the Windsor car park camper site … packed with tour buses and not a site to be had. Fortunately the Navigator was looking a bit haggard from an early morning bedtime followed by an early morning rise, and the parking attendant took pity and assigned us a disabled parking bay. Met by Chris & John, did some basic shopping at my favourite Waitrose – the one Lewis and I spent €300 on cheese and whiskey – and we are now looking forward to an evening BBQ after watching a brilliant soccer World Cup! Soccer is not our first choice spectator sport, but we’ve been absolutely engaged by the passion and skill – and a little of the theatrics:

Early morning start for us as we have a 12:30pm ferry departure, and arriving here the roads were an absolute nightmare. Let’s see what happens in reverse.

2 thoughts on “Last Day in Sunny England

  1. Kath July 16, 2018 / 4:43 pm

    It was so lovely to see you both. Thanks for your help, especially with speeding up the rounders team selection!!


    • ricklongboard July 20, 2018 / 7:18 pm

      Light stopped play – standard English cricket defensive strategy!


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