And the Norwegian experience just gets better! A very short drive saw us arrive at the start of the Lofoten Islands. We’ve made a short detour to Tengelsfiord, and what a good idea this was. Niki has again found an absolutely gorgeous stopover. It’s right next to the road, but a car comes by once an hour, so I’m not too worried about noise. Check this location:


We’re having tea outside, about 10 meters above the level of the water, when we hear these loud splashes – look down and through the water we see a shoal of salmon, which then sport about for the next half hour, leaping out of the water, tail-walking and doing great circles. Because the day can’t just be spent looking at nature’s wonders, we got the bikes down and cycled to the mouth of the fiord. Unbelievable to see the tidal race – really looking forward to Saltstraumen to see the big brother version of this. Having a bit of a rest (all trained athletes do) and a water break, looking across the fjord, which was really narrow at this point, and behold, an enormous cruise ship comes by, filled with people with nothing better to do than travel the Norwegian fjords… A 40km round trip seeing waterfalls, spectacular cliffs, really rugged landscape – and no camera. Well, we were told to enjoy the sights, not just record them!


Tomorrow is off to Lofoten proper. No idea yet where we’ll be staying, and hoping our luck last. At €25 per night for a campervan spot in a campsite, we are trying to avoid them as far as possible.

I’ve added some pictures as a slideshow, just to show a) how dirty the windscreen is, and b) some indication of the beauty of the landscape:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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