Reine and, Aha, Å

We’ve had a wild and wet time of it in Reine as the weather closed in. On the upside, I’m very happy to say that the Russian invasion has progressed, with all members seen in Reine, albeit hobbling, shoulders bowed etc etc. That’s what carrying all of that Cola does to you.

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We are making the most of our slow saunter down the Lofotens, and the day’s trip was only 26km, followed by an even shorter drive of 6km from Reine to Moskenes, where we will overnight at the ferry port. Not the best location we’ve had, but it does save the €30 for the campsite 100m away.

We took the bikes down and cycled to Å (seriously! What a cool name!), which is literally the end of the road. From the headland we could see the Lofotens continuing, line astern, to the south – no roads though, so this is the end of our Lofoten trip. What a fortnight it’s been. It’s like taking your favourite stretch of coastline (Chapman’s Peak, South Africa?) and then stretching it over 280km, adding a dash more blue in the water, and a touch more height to the cliffs, and delightful harbours around every corner … We were expecting beautiful, but, on a daily basis, found we had not set our expectations high enough. We are looking forward to getting to Bodø tomorrow, but will miss the Lofotens.

We are also getting a bit more comfortable with finding overnight sites that we would previously have overlooked. This was a big question on our minds as there is no way any budget survives 365 days x €30 per night (I don’t even want to think what that number is), so we’ll be a bit judicious in our choices. Electricity and a washing machine every 10 days or so seems to be in order. Finding water and dumpsites every 3 days also takes some doing – made a little more difficult now that our data has run out. Oh, yes, Denmark. Buy an 80Gb data card, but only 4 available for use in the EU … AAARGH! Let’s skip that rant.


Ferry trip coming up, and I’m hoping the ferry guy acknowledges that our van is <6m. The cost is around 700NOK for a 3 hour trip, but 1700NOK for vans over 6m. OUCH. I have the official papers ready to show that we are 5.99m long – I know, but apparently that’s a really important centimetre. Niki’s a little uncertain of the crossing, given that the strait is notoriously rough … Will update soon.

A little ferry chaos …


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