Saltstraumen, Reipa, and ‘I Want A Day’ (Living End)

Getting over to Bodø was a breeze, with a really flat (almost) passage. Out of Bodø and on to Saltstraumen . not a moment to waste – Oh, apart from the 600NOK PARKING TICKET!!! I certainly did not budget for a speeding fine (France) followed by parking tickets. That’s €120 down the drain – and to think we take our time to compare the /kg price for a loaf of bread!

Salstraumen was quite spectacular, with the sea rising against a narrow neck in the fjord caising enormous pressures and a current in excess of 35km/hour – and a fisherman’s paradise! My photos were awefull, so take a moment to check out these!

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse, and we are taking full advantage of the driving rain, howling wind, and 12C temperatures to catch up on washing, getting a couple of decent stews and soups done (thanks Cosori), battery charging etc. Most important, we are setting up the next few days of things to do – Thank to great internet service here at Reipa campsites.

So, what’s coming up? With some better weather on the horizon, we are looking to do some  steps (Fykantrappe), walk on a karst plateau (Corbels Canyon), overnighting at Holmvassdamme, walking to Norway’s second largest glacier (Svartisen), and then ending off with some caving (Setergrotta). Certainly after all of that we’ll be needing a holiday!

A completely different landscape from Lofoten, but just absolutely stunning. Driving through the rain today, looking at hillsides erupting with waterfalls from every nook & cranny – WOW!

Looking back – a short video clip from one day in the Lofotens … and a soundtrack that may well summarise our present condition!

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