September 2018 Budget

Firstly, the good news!

2018-10-04 06.19.30 pm

On our (generous) monthly budget we are in the black by €755. This is really good as we leave Norway and some of the world’s most expensive groceries behind. Diesel, which varied in price up to NOK16.14 per litre (or €1.70, NZ$3.00, ZAR28.76) is also a thing of the past. We are still awaiting a massive toll fee, as we signed on to an automatic toll fee charge, and we have not yet received a bill. Expect this to be an extra €200 per month in Norway.

Camping fees remained very low at €96, and I’m surprised at how readily available sites were in September – made easier by the fact that most other campers have done a run down south – check our next blog for why!

Our public transport costs for the month were blown out the water by a trip to England – me for some accreditation work, while Niki visited in Windsor with her sister, Chris, and John. The flights from Oslo to Stansted were around the same price as a burger, fries and a beer in Norway, but British Rail remains exorbitantly expensive, with Stansted-Windsor return for a single person at £70. Ouch. It was lovely seeing family again, and a big thanks to Chris & John for putting up with us.

Fuel costs reflect much shorter distances, often only 60km per day. In Norway that simply moves you from one indescribably beautiful spot to the next indescribably beautiful spot – same same but different.

And that’s it for Norway budgets. We are now at the northern tip of Denmark with weather definitely closing in, and a decision to start moving southwards. First night, off the ferry, staying at a gas station (100 DNK), and tonight, free camped next to the Shifting Sandunes at Råbjerg Mile – hopefully we can continue to avoid the more formal campsites as we move towards Portugal.

Oh, and to put this in perspective: What a fantastic holiday (or more extensively, Way of Life) at €1200 per month!

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